Our Offered Services

Learn more about what services Nutribase Labs has to offer.

Manufacturing Low Minimums

Our facility specializes in working with smaller companies that cannot reach the large minimums of other laboratories. State of the art equipment that allows product to reach you in 4-6 weeks.

Packaging & Fulfillments

We handle custom packaging such as bottles, caps, seals, cartons, pouches, and more. The fulfillment is made easy and secure through our extensive logistics system.

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Private Label Experts

Private Labeling

Use our formula or yours and we label it. Take advantage of our expertise on formulating and manufacturing and apply it to your brand. We want to make this simple and cost effective.


Have the ability to work one on one with the owner, a Biochemist to bring you the exact formulation to meet your needs.

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Label & Graphic Design

Give your product the best look possible by designing exquisite labels. Get creative with us and generate dazzling art work that fits and matches your brand.


To maximize quality and ensure everything that is made in our facility is top-notch, every raw material goes through precise microbiological analytical testing.

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